Project Calculator & Installation Facts for Styrene Faux Tin Ceiling Panels

24'" x 48" Faux Tin Panel Facts

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Project Calculator - 24" x 48" Faux Tin Ceiling Panels

  1. HOW2 Calculate square footage of your ceiling/wall area to be covered -Assuming your room is rectangular,  simply measure 2 walls, the longer side and the shorter side and multiply those 2 numbers together.  For Example: If one of your walls measure 10′ long and th other wall measures 14′ long you would multiply 10 x 14=140 Square feet.Enter your ceiling/wall area in square feet – After clicking the image above you will be brought directly to Decorative Ceiling Tiles project calculator.  Now type in your area in square feet from step 1. (In our above example that number would be 140) After you click on  Calculate the minimum number of faux tin ceiling panels you will require will be displayed.
  2. Add 15% Overage – Decorative Ceiling Tiles highly recommends you add 15% to the number of minimum tiles indicated. This allows for waste and mistakes and will give you a few extra tiles for the inevitable “oops” moment. On your own calculator enter the minimum number of tiles needed and multiply that number by 1.15 and your total number should appear.   From our example in step #1 we entered 140 in the calculator and was told we needed a minimum of 35 tiles.  35 x 1.15 = 40.25 total tiles including the 15% overage.
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