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Copper Ceiling Tiles – An Overview

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Solid copper ceiling tiles and aged solid copper tiles are often imitated but there is nothing like the real thing. These solid copper ceiling tiles from Decorative Ceiling Tiles are not treated. They arrive at your door like a shiny new penny and then will naturally age over time. Once they reach the color you like, you or your contractor can then seal them with a clear enamel. Sealing will prevent the solid copper tiles from aging any further and allow for easier cleaning in residential and commercial settings.

Polished copper, on the other hand, will also give you that desired copper look but make no mistake, it is not real copper. It is actually aluminum. This product is perfect if you prefer the polished look of copper with a low maintenance finish.

Faux copper is the most economical type of copper ceiling tiles available and, hence are quite popular. Decorative Ceiling Tiles carries two lines of products in this sub-category, PVC and Foam, and installation is very easy.  You can glue them directly to your ceiling to cover ugly ceiling blemishes or even popcorn ceilings or you can drop them into already existing ceiling grids.  Remember if your ceilings are high enough, very few people will be able to discern the difference between faux copper ceiling tiles and the real thing.

Solid Copper & Aged Copper Ceiling Tiles 

Here are just a few of the over 200 solid copper ceiling tile designs available.  If you do not see the exact design you are looking for, feel free to call Milan at 1-866-297-0380 and he may be able to create a custom design especially for you! Be sure to tell him Marcia sent you.

Counted Cross Stitch – Copper Ceiling Tile – #0619

Cosmopolitan – Copper Ceiling Tile –  #2476
Soho – Copper Ceiling Tile – #0617

Checkered Deco – Copper Ceiling Tile – #1205

Coffered Delight – Copper Ceiling Tile –  #2423

Constitution Square – Copper Ceiling Tile – #1221

Caesar’s Wreath – Copper Ceiling Tile  – #2416

Cairo – Copper Ceiling Tile – #0624

Casa Milano – Copper Ceiling Tile – #2412

Baroque – Copper Ceiling Tile – #2408

Bowed Wreath – Copper Ceiling Tile – #2434

Butterfly Needlepoint – Copper Ceiling Tile – #2410

Art Deco Triangles – Copper Ceiling Tile – #2403

Asian Dragons – Copper Ceiling Tile –  #2490

Autumn Leaves – Copper Ceiling Tile – #0608

Al Fresco – Copper Ceiling Tile – #2414

Antique Snowflake – Copper Ceiling Tile – #1218

Armor – Copper Ceiling Tile – #0302

Soho – Copper Ceiling Tile – #0617

Abstract Diamondback – Copper Ceiling Tile – #0675

African Safari – Copper Ceiling Tile –  #24004

Click here to view more  solid copper ceiling tile designs!

Copper Ceiling Tile Photo Gallery

Here are just a few photos to inspire you! As you can see copper ceilings work well in kitchens, dining rooms, man caves, and even bathrooms.  And of course, they look fabulous in restaurant settings.  All photos can be found in the Decorative Ceiling Tiles Photo Gallery

 Solid Aged Copper Ceiling Tiles in a Kitchen   Faux Copper Ceilings in a Kitchen

 Copper Tile Ceiling in Dining Room   Copper Tile Wainscott in a Bathroom

copper ceilings in a man cave basement   copper ceilings in a basement bar

Copper Ceilings in a Bar

Make it a beautiful day!

Copper Ceiling Tiles – An Overview admin

Summary: There are 3 types of copper ceiling tiles - solid copper and aged copper tiles, polished copper ceiling tiles & faux copper ceiling tiles. Learn the differences and see which material best matches your look and budget.


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